Estonian Golden Retriever Club Show 13 August 2011

I didn’t really know what to expect quality wise from the breed as it was my first visit to Estonia. I was pleasantly surprised as I fund the quality high. Especially the males were of excellent quality. I awarded 52% excellent which is quite high, as I am of the opinion that you really should earn the highest quality grading and not just give it to everybody.

Overall I thought proportions and balance was correct in most of the exhibits. Heads and expressions were generally very good, but I did notice quite a number of round eyes which spoils the expression.

Conformation and movement was varied as it is in most countries. Temperaments were excellent with just an occasional exception.  It is so important to always remember that a Golden Retriever should be a friendly and confident dog.

My main concern was condition. It´s such a shame to show a fat Golden without muscles. This you as an owner can do something about and the dog has a much better life and looks so much better. Please exercise your dogs more!

At the end of the day I was asked to pick out the best trimmed dog. That was not so easy as most was too heavily trimmed. A Golden should never look shaved. It should look as if the coat has grown that way by itself.

I was very pleased with my winners and all the placed in best dog/bitch class was a joy to see.

Thank you very much for bringing your dogs under me. I had a lovely day. I especially want to thank my two excellent stewards. You made my work very easy.


Kjell Svensson