(Eestikeel) 14. veebruar 2015 – Kuldsete erinäitus

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14.02.2015 – Speciality show for golden retrievers

Date: 14.02.2014

Venue: Tallinn Song Festival Ground (Narva mnt 95, Tallinn 10127)

Judges:  Ann Hagger (kennel Fairfield, UK), Gloria Gargan (kennel Siagar, UK)

The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes if necessary

Information: Kalvo Kriisk (+372 5047699), Merike Kalle (+372 53586378),

Show program:

09:00 Entrance to show and vet. check
09:55 Opening the show
10:00 Judging in the ring
16:30 Top Golden 2014 prize giving ceremony
16:35 Final competitions

NB!   BOB, BOB Baby, BOB Puppy, BOB Junior, BOB Veteran, BOB Progeny group, BOB Breeder and BOB brace will compete in finals at groupshow!

Ring Schedule:

Ring nr. 1

Judge Gloria Gargan, UK

Time Class Entries
10:00 Babies 4+4
Puppies 7+8
Male juniors 16

 Judge  Ann Hagger, UK

Time Class Entries
11:57 Male intermediate class 6
Male open class 9
Male working class 2
Male champion class 5
Male veterans 3
13:12 Female juniors 17
Female intermediate class 6
Female open class 11
Female working class 1
Female champion class 5
Female veterans 7
Progeny groups 5
Braces 3

 Judge Gloria Gargan, UK

Time class Entries
15:57 Breeders 7



Required documents for registration:

  • correctly filled entry-form
  • copy of pedigree
  • copy of payment
  • copy of working certificate if dog entered to working class
  • copy of champion title if dog entered to champion class

By E-mail:

By post: Kalvo Kriisk, Tatriku 1 Tännassilma, Tartumaa 61316, ESTONIA

NB! Only the transfers and documents received on time will be taken into account!

Entry fees:

All entry-fees must to pay:

  • Recipient: Eesti Kuldsete Retriiverite Tõuühing
  • Bank: Swedbank
  • IBAN account: EE372200221013414776
until 10.12.2014 until 28.01.2015
baby, puppy, veteran 20 EUR 20 EUR
dog 27 EUR 37 EUR
2nd, 3rd etc dog of same owner 24 EUR 34 EUR
breeders and progeny class free free
braces 10 EUR 10 EUR

Registration to the show after 28.01.2015 is possible until the catalogue is ready and its technically possible to add dog to catalogue –  60 eurot/dog. Before registration please contact +3725047699 !!!

NB! “Same owner’s 2nd dog” discount is valid only when the first dog isn’t competing in baby, puppy or veteran class

NB! Breeders class and progeny class (if sire or dam is enterd to show) will be entered by automatically!

NB! Best Of Breed, BOB Baby, BOB Puppy, BOB Junior, BOB Veteran, BOB brace, BOB breeder and BOB progeny are going to final competitions in group 8. & 9 show!!!

Advertising in the catalogue: 1 black-and-white sheet 10 EUR – deadline 28.01.2015

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(Eestikeel) 12. juuli 2014 – Kuldsete erinäitus

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12 July 2014 – golden retrievers clubshow (CAC)

Date: 12.07.2014

Venue: Käbliku talu (Palutaja küla, Kõlleste vald, Põlvamaa, ESTONIA)

Judge: Viveca Lahokoski, Finland (kennel Dreamstyle)

 The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes if necessary

Info: Kalvo Kriisk (english, russian) +372 5047699, Merike Kalle (russian) +372 53586378),

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(Eestikeel) 08. veebrua 2014 – Kuldsete Erinäitus


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Carole Carter

I am Carole Carter and I have owned, loved, shown and worked my Golden Retrievers for nearly 32 years. In that time I have only owned eight Goldens, which includes the three dogs I have at present.  In 1985 my dog Singer became a full Champion. CH CANALEIGH  AND CAN IT BE who won 5 Challenge Certificates [All with Best of Breed] 5 Reserve Challenge Certificates.Winning the Gundog Group At Windsor Championship Show with his first CC.His Junior Warrant , Stud Book No. Show Gundog Working Certificate, Working Gundog Certificate, 2 Field Trial Awards and the winner of many Novice and Open Working Tests.

He was TOP DUAL PURPOSE GOLDEN RETRIEVER [The Golden Retriever Club 1990 / 1991] 
At present I have a Great grandson and two Great, Great Grandsons of Singer. CANALEIGH HOT GOSPEL 4 Reserve Challenge Certificates  Junior Warrent, Stud Book No 2 Working Gundog Certificates one on dummies and one on live game and working Test winner, both his sons work on shoots [ 4 years old and 20 months old] the young one has just passed his Show Gundog Working Certificate 2 weeks ago at Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club. 

All of my eight dogs are line bred back to my Champion have been shown and worked and all had the superb temperment, that I expect from a Golden Retriever and I am proud and very honoured to have owned them all 

I started judging in 1989 and then in 2008 I was passed by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates for the first time. 
2008 I judged dogs at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 
2009 I judged  bitches at The National Gundog Championship Show 
2011 I judged bitches at Bath Championship Show 
2013 I judged dogs at Darlington Championship Show 
2015 I won the Ballot for Southern Golden Retriever Club Championship Show I will judge Dogs 

I also take training classed to help people to understand how and what is required to train a gun dog. A number of people I train have achieved their Working and Show Gundog Working Certificates. 

I hope this gives you an insight into my small contribution on keeping our Breed as it was intended, and to maintain the looks and the dual purpose aspect of our Breed alive before we irreversibly loose the type and temperment  that is the Golden Retriever. 


(Eestikeel) 27. juuli 2013 – Kuldsete Erinäitus


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27th July 2013 – golden retriever (CAC) clubshow

Date: 27.07.2013

Venue: Käbliku talu (Palutaja küla, Kõlleste vald, Põlvamaa, ESTONIA)

Judge: Berit Bondal, Norway (kennel Chribas)

 The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes if necessary

Info: Kalvo Kriisk (english, russian) +372 5047699, Merike Kalle (russian) +372 53586378),

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(Eestikeel) 14. juuli 2012 – kuldsete retriiverite erinäitus Põlvamaal

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